Entrepreneurship - From Idea to Launch

The objective of this course is to take a startup founder from an idea to a concreate plan for a launch, obtaining funding, designing a growth strategy and building a profitable business. With the guidance from the experienced instructor and other mentors in our network, you will gain the skills and mindset you need to develop a successful startup.

Key Highlights:

  • - Get to know the basics of starting a business.
  • - How to evaluate your idea and pressure test your solution.
  • - Refine your pitch deck and learn to pitch.
  • - Create a one page business plam.
  • - Branding, marketing and team building.

Course Content

Startup Essentials (4 weeks)

  • - Intro to Entrepreneurship
  • - Validating the idea
  • - Refining your pitch
  • - Market analysis
  • - Writing a Business Plan
  • - Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • - Branding and Marketing
  • - Gathering the team
  • - Getting your first customer


  • - Desire to learn.

About the instructor:

Kaushik Majumder is a Business Coach, Author, Workplace Challenge Consultant, Corporate Soft Skill Trainer and Keynote Speaker, He has 24 year corporate experience in leading enterprises both in India and abroad. Kaushik is the CEO at S3 Positive.

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